China is a country of superlatives. Everything is bigger and on an enormous scale! The people are ready and working hard for a better future. You can see it everywhere, in companies, the government and architecture. Continue Reading
798 Art Zone (or district), comprises of a complex of 50-year-old decommissioned military factory buildings, it boasts a real unique architectural style, so impressive to see. It is located in the Chaoyang District Continue Reading
A summer palace, for holidays and time off work – sounds perfect! The Emperor thought so too. It is the biggest garden in China! Also called “Yi He Yuan”, which literally means “the Garden of Continue Reading
We wanted a hike, we heard of hiking the great wall, we were in Beijing… WE HAD TO DO IT! Organised again by Catherina Lu Tours, we set off early, to avoid the traffic, and head to the much recommended (and Continue Reading
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Hutongs, are a type of narrow streets or alleyways, which used to be common in Northern China, especially Beijing. The alleys are usually formed by lines of ‘siheyuan’, which are traditional courtyard Continue Reading
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Record Ride!

Shannon, (from my ride in the Beijing mountains) organises group rides every weekend, which run alongside the Great Wall of China. He asked if I wanted to come. Of course I said yes! They have 3 groups, A+ (153km Continue Reading
Next stop, the Forbidden City! We were so intrigued by this place! On entry, the colours were so beautiful, we were excited to explore. This ‘city’ was the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming dynasty Continue Reading
Sometimes the strangest things happen. We strolled into a random building in Beijing, close to our hotel and suddenly saw a sign that said: Vegan…. We followed it and it turned out to be the best restaurant Continue Reading
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Back in Beijing

Arriving back to blue skies in Beijing! Arriving back at the NUO Hotel from North Korea, feeling a little shell shocked from what we had just experienced! It was nice to be in what we know as a ‘normal’ Continue Reading