We heard about this hotel on Veggie Hotels, and learning it was all vegan, luxury, and surrounded by nature, we had experience this place for ourselves! They have only been open since September, so they are still Continue Reading
A 2 hour drive out of Barcelona, hidden away in the deep countryside, far from any towns, noise, lights, crowds – lies the beautiful Casa Albets hotel. Road trip! Now, I want to go on to tell you all about the Continue Reading
Barcelona Recovery

Garraf Hike

Recovery takes time, so it’s time to make the most of our surroundings. Michiel has been signed off by his physiotherapist, and now it is about building his strength back a little at a time. I love nature, as Continue Reading
On the road again. It feels good! Freedom, and some beautiful sights ahead. We drove from Malaga to the final destination of Gibraltar. The best thing with us is, we don’t mind where we end up, as long as its Continue Reading
Holland. Michiel’s homeland. Which makes him the perfect tour guide. Starting in Amsterdam, I of course wanted to explore and see it all. The streets so beautiful, filled with exactly what I would of expected Continue Reading
It’s easy to say ‘this is for training’, ‘no pressure’, but as Russia, and the half ironman distance triathlon got closer, it was nerve wracking for us both. Michiel had his own worries, and it is my job to make Continue Reading
Open water. Something that isn’t in our training plan often…YET! Michiel has been working hard on his technique, and training in the pool, but part of this stage of training is to get confident in the Continue Reading
The next destination – MALLORCA! Packed up and ready to go (check out our new Ironman bag, purchased from Calella last week!). Just a 40 minute flight from Barcelona, it was far from what we are used to! We Continue Reading
Thailand Travel

Buddha Day

Wat Saket Ratcha Wora Maha Wihan (try and say it…), is a Buddhist temple in Bangkok.  It’s best known for its 80 meter high hill called Golden Mount with a beautiful gilded stupa on top. Whilst we were Continue Reading
It is always nice to learn about local history and traditions in the places we go, and like to do so with someone who knows what they’re talking about! ‘Phuket Lets Go’ had great reviews, and we Continue Reading