Russia Travel

What if?

It’s the evening before the flight to Russia, 5 nights until the triathlon. What if nobody speaks English at the Russian triathlon? What if the airline does not accept my bike? What if we can’t get Continue Reading
New Zealand Travel


We stayed in a cottage house close to Te Anau whilst visiting the Sounds in the area, which already had some inhabitants. On the reviews, people raved about the fact they had sheep in the garden, that were super Continue Reading

Mind over matter

Mind, food and exercise. The three key ingredients for a successful training. And a healthy life. All three are equally important. I have the feeling the mind part has some terrain to win, and not only because I am Continue Reading
For such an edgy, urban city, with very hippy, free people – we didn’t come across many vegan places in Valparaiso. Majorly stereotyping there – but usually, in a place like this, you would find a Continue Reading
Chile Nutrition

Fruit corners

Walking around Santiago, we came across lots of cool street vendors selling fresh fruit – so delicious! I wish this was replicated more across the world, without them being told to move on by authorities, or Continue Reading
Nutrition Travel

Flying V

Being newly vegan, I had never experienced a plane ride with no animal chomping. It was a weird experience. Firstly, before anyone else’s food had come, ours came, which with a full plane full of hungry Continue Reading