Russia Travel

What if?


It’s the evening before the flight to Russia, 5 nights until the triathlon.

What if nobody speaks English at the Russian triathlon?

What if the airline does not accept my bike?

What if we can’t get transport to the triathlon on Sunday morning?

What if we have to get up too early and have no sleep the night before?

What if I get a flat tire?

What if I take a wrong turn during the race?

What if I do something wrong and get disqualified?

What if Holly will be disappointed inย me for some reason?

What if my emotions get the best of me?

What if I get aย mental breakdown and really don’t want to on raceday?

What if the internet does not work in Russia?

What if we can’t get rubles and my creditcards don’t work?

What if our luggage gets lost?

What ifย my bike breaks?

What if there is no vegan food in St Petersburg?

What if all the athletes are pro and I finish hours after them?

What if I miss a cut off time?

What if they all laugh at me because I am too slow?

What if the water is too cold so I freeze and can’t swim?

What if they hit me while swimming and I get injured?

What if my goggles break or fog or leak during the race?

What if …

They said to write down all the fears before a race, so here we are. I feel like I could go on. I have honestly no clue what is a reason to be worried and what is just stupid. All I can do is accept these worries exist and learn from them. So I do better at the full Ironman in October.

But boy, are there a lot of crazy thoughts. I hope I can laugh about these later!

Wish me luck,