The game is called: Ironman training in epic places. When I started I knew training was not going to be fun, so why not combine it with travel, which I love?

So we are going to Saint Petersburg in Russia. Not to train this time, but do a proper triathlon, half Ironman distance! The city is beautiful, and it is a reasonable time away from Europe, so we donโ€™t lose too much time for training.

Flights, hotels & triathlon booked!

The challenge is huge. Not only the 1.9 km swim followed by a 90 km bike ride & a 21 km run. But also the language and organisation. Everything is in Russian, and they do not reply to any forms of communication! There are in total 2 non-Russians joining. And try getting visa to Russia! Turns out you have to apply in the country where your passport is from.

“Say what now?”

We have some challenges ahead! And travel! Yay!

Visa arrived, 2 days before we go!