An important part of recovery. Physiotherapy. It will help to restore movement and function in Michiels body as soon as possible. We had the first session this week, and believe it or not was a very funny Continue Reading
Barcelona Recovery

Baby Steps

Recovery. Patience. Determination. Michiel had taken a hit. Man down. With all our training, averaging 18 hours per week usually, this was a shock to the system. To do nothing but rest. After numerous doctors Continue Reading
Half Ironman distance – check! But now, Michiel needed to recover. What to do? Straight back to training for Ironman? Rest for weeks? Falling asleep after the finish line.. Thing is, after a big event like Continue Reading
When asked how to improve cycling skills, the first thing people say is “Bike fit”! I had no idea what that meant, so I asked around. It turned out that a member of the “Barcelona Road Cycle Group” Meetup is also a Continue Reading
Runkeeper said it was time for new shoes. I tracked 500 km in them, and some more. I also wanted to know if something had changed since I bought my new shoes, as I am running more and more. So I visited Runners Continue Reading
Whilst we know Ironman consists of a 180km cycle, this doesn’t mean in training we only do long distances. On the contrary. In order to build confidence and endurance, shorter rides are just as beneficial for Continue Reading
After all the issues with Michiel’s knee, I have had to slow down the running training dramatically over the past few months. We couldn’t risk injuring it further, and had time on our side to slow it Continue Reading
Fatigue. A common thing amongst athletes, especially those going from minimum exercise, to a lot, over a short space of time. No matter how hard we have worked to ensure we gradually increase Michiel’s Continue Reading
China Training

Time to Taper

We were excited to try the great facilities in the hotel, before Michiels tapering starts so he is rested & ready for the 1/2 marathon. I have eased off running the past few weeks, giving his legs full rest from Continue Reading