The reason we came to Mallorca – Swim Smooth. Paul Newsome is the founder of this company, who helps swimmers from beginners to athlete level get better with their swimming. He coaches both swimmers and coaches, and we had followed his training principles on the ‘Guru‘ – which has helped massively for Michiel to see techniques in videos and how he could improve.

When we heard Paul and his team of coaches were in Mallorca this week, we had to sign up to the clinic!

Michiel would be placed with 2 coaches, and have the help of Paul for a full day. Including video analysis of his swimming and learn how to correct any mistakes. All from the best in swimming coaching!

The day started in the classroom, then we were taken to the pool! The Best Centre was world famous for being a great outdoor 50m training pool. Michiel was videoed in the pool, and then had it analysed with tips on how to improve what he was doing. I must say, I felt very nervous/proud watching from the side of the pool!

Being filmed, with the team of coaches watching his every move

As much as I trust in my own training skills, these guys were the bees knees when it came to swimming – so I hope we have done well so far! The coaches told us Michiel’s timings with his strokes were perfect, but he needed to concentrate on his breathing, making it more efficient, and keeping his body in a good position when doing so. More rhythm was needed.

After analysis, we then spent time in the pool with the trainers, doing drills, correcting what we had learnt could be improved, then working on them together. Things we had been working on before, now needed fine tuning.

Working together with the other swimmers on leg movements, making the legs move more efficiently, something we have been working on in the past few weeks, so Michiel did great on this drill!


Words of encouragement!

The day ran smoothly, everything was thought of, the technical analysis and presentations were orchestrated professionally, and Paul was great at interacting with everyone!

 Our coaches Kim and Karen were amazing – totally professional, but so encouraging and motivating! 

So many people praised us both on the work we have done so far. They couldn’t believe Michiel had never swam before November last year, and said we were doing great with his training – hooray! So good to hear!

Concentrating on being smooth in the water

Watching Michiel from the side of the pool, and seeing him thinking of all the things we had learnt in our training, putting them into practice and being so positive about the whole day, made me incredibly proud of him. He was a credit to himself, and to me, and everyone commented on how we worked together so well! Dream team!

Waiting to hear what was next!

Thank you Paul, Kim, Karon and the other SS coaches, and BIG well done to Michiel! Fantastic day! We have lots to work with, and a way to go, but we feel totally encouraged and happy with the progress so far!

Myself, Paul Newsome and Michiel