The Last Ride

The police still had my bike. First 10 days were free, after that I had to pay a fee. Time to pick it up. Holly went to find out where it was (not easy in Spain) and found it. The woman in the storage was surprised. Continue Reading
Runkeeper said it was time for new shoes. I tracked 500 km in them, and some more. I also wanted to know if something had changed since I bought my new shoes, as I am running more and more. So I visited Runners Continue Reading
With a marathon planned in less than a month, and Michiel’s knee still in a bad way, he is feeling frustrated. As his trainer, I have to manage some of the frustrations, and encourage him to carry on striving for Continue Reading
Swimming in a lake or the sea can be cold. The solutions were: just be brave and grow some balls OR get a wetsuit. We got a wetsuit. Researching thoroughly (a few minutes googling in the car in front of the wetsuit Continue Reading
“You HAVE to buy THIS bike!”, is what my dear friend Gert Robijns told me immediately after I said I was considering to start road cycling. “It’s a of money lot but it is the most beautiful bike there is, and the Continue Reading

Review Fitbit HR

Another 800 steps and I have met my goal, my thoughts the day I wore my first Fitbit. And I walked circles in the living room to make my Fitbit buzz and happy. This is how it all started. Soon I was involved in step Continue Reading
My Garmin is broken, and has been sent back to the factory. And boy, do I miss it. I know that now, as I check my wrist every few minutes and the Garmin app on my phone. No more sleep stats, no more exercises Continue Reading
Reviews Training

Right foot first

Trainers. A lot of people use them as a fashion accessory (me included)…but did you know the right footwear is CRUCIAL to your workout/training? Take running, for example, the wrong shoes can have you in agony with Continue Reading

Finding YOUR fit!

Confidence in yourself. Believing in yourself. They can be really hard, can’t they? Part of the reason I became a personal trainer, was because I wanted to help people with both of these things. Self Continue Reading
Chile Training


If you haven’t swung from the trees (or gym wall) yourself with TRX suspension training before, the chances are you have already heard about it. Invented by a Navy Seal to keep his fellow troops fit in remote parts Continue Reading