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Right foot first


Trainers. A lot of people use them as a fashion accessory (me included)โ€ฆbut did you know the right footwear is CRUCIAL to your workout/training? Take running, for example, the wrong shoes can have you in agony with shin splints (literally, splinters in the shins – PAINFUL!), decrease your effectivity of running and completely take the fun out of running (constant sore feet/legs is not fun). You are even so much more likely to create ankle injuries, without the correct foot support.

Investing in a decent pair of running shoes is vital. They can be expensive, I know.ย But even more expensive, is anย injury that will put you out of action for months. A new pair of bouncy trainers, especially suited to your running style & your feet makes a huge difference to performance also. (Especially important for us in the diverse terrains!)

Many sports stores around the world do a foot/running scan service, which detects which type of trainer you should be looking for. Often also offering to then come with you and choose the perfect foot companions. A great help for newbies to trainers.

Both Michiel and I have Saucony trainers – granted, they don’t look quite like my other fashionable trainers – but they make such a difference! Great bounce, long lasting, good grip, lightweight, and perform in every condition – from the desert to mountains! Ranging from โ‚ฌ80-โ‚ฌ200 for a good pair – it is well worth the investment – your future feet will thank you & you will also no doubt shave time off those all important runs.

My trusty Saucony trainers!ย