We are going Against the Grain.

We are here to share our adventures with you!

We travel the world, whilst exploring the highs and lows of Ironman training. We share expert sport & nutrition insights, recipes, reviews and some incredible photographs of all of the places we visit and explore. We also share how to fully embrace a nutritious vegan lifestyle.

We kicked off our journey on 23rd November 2016. We have visited so many places in the world already including: Hong Kong, Chile, England, New Zealand, China, North Korea, Thailand, Russia, Netherlands, Spain… be sure to check out our blogs on these incredible places!

The original plan was to complete Ironman Barcelona in September 2017, but after Michiel had a life threatening bike accident 5 weeks before race day, we have adapted our mission.

Through these tough times, we have learnt so much, and we are now more determined than ever to accomplish the goal of crossing the Ironman finish line! This means so much more than just a race now.

Follow the courageous and inspiring journey from zero to ironman.

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