Promised to be the most eco lodge in Botswana, we were excited to be ending out trip here. The Wildtrack Eco Lodge. Ran by managers Brandon and Andrew, and a whole host of staff at the lodge who all came to welcome Continue Reading
Botswana Reviews

The Delta Camp

Definitely the most surreal place we have ever stayed. A thatched and wooden house, in a tree. Supported by a termite nest. It sounds very unglamorous, but this was in fact an amazing resort. Luxury mixed with Continue Reading
Recommended by many friends who had visited the city before, the reviews made this place desirable before we had even arrived. Invested in by Blink 182 member Travis Barker, it is one of LA’s hotspots, which is Continue Reading
What better way to see Hawaii’s big island than on a helicopter!? So excited, we headed to the airport and boarded the chopper! Many people were worried about the recent volcanic explosion in Hawaii before we Continue Reading