Leaving Hawaii and heading to Los Angeles for the next week, we arrived at our first hotel, the Chateau Marmont. On arrival, it was clear straight away why this place had a big reputation with celebrities.

We were greeted by some staff who took our bags from the SUV we had to order to fit the bike box in. They asked no questions, probably thinking we had a dead body in there, and directed us to check in. Upon check in, which is located right next to the dining entrance, we could hear loud, American ladies laughing, socialising and a lot of ‘oh, darling’, at each other.

The decor was very grand, and old style Hollywood, it was beautiful, and every inch of this place had been thought about. The lighting was just right – dark, sultry, discreet. They pride themselves on being discreet. The kind of place celebrities hang out and anything goes. Reading up, there has been a lot of scandal happen here. The song ‘Welcome to the hotel California’ by the Eagles, is based on this hotel. It was great to experience this! I read up on some more facts about the hotel.

Inside the old fashioned lift, fully restored with all the original features, I couldn’t help but imagine the people who have been in here. It is well known for people such as Johnny Depp, Robert De Niro, supermodels, big film directors – and most afterparties happen here. If only walls could talk.

The rooms were amazing, it was totally from the old style Hollywood era we had seen on our way up, and all the details made it impeccably beautiful. The bathroom had all the old taps and fixtures, and reminded me somewhat of my grandmothers bathroom. The floors in the main room was carpeted, with soft, thick fabric, and the furniture was beautiful.

The pool area, which on the first day had models in it, shooting for a advertisement, of course.ย 

The gym area was an experience. Everything was old style, and the pictures added to this eclectic, retro feel. Located in theย atticย room.ย 

We couldn’t leave without having drinks in the famous lounge area. There are signs on the menu and entrance that there is strictly no photography allowed, but we managed to sneak a few pictures. The piano man played in the corner, and the lighting set the mood for the elegance of this place. It felt good to be here. The service was natural and social, and the clientele were clearly used to being here. Everyone knew each other. Almost like a private members club.

A great stay, lavish, luxury, and something to experience at least once!ย