After Ironman, this week is all about recovering, and letting Michiel relax a little. He has had such a strict regime over the past few months, these times are also important to be able to relax and enjoy himself a little. A small hike is great to stay moving, but not exhaust us too much, and we found a perfect trail to my woods, known more commonly as HOLLYwood hills.

On entry, the signs were reassuring. We had lots of water and were ready to see some views!

The track had some steep areas straight away, and the heat was pretty intense on the way up. None the less, the views around every corner made it so worth it! Being around nature like this just outside of the city reminded me of Barcelona a lot.

It wasn’t so busy, which made it much more enjoyable. Sometimes on routes as iconic as this, you are surrounded by fellow explorers, and it kind of takes the magic away.

The last corner, and there is was, the big sign! HOLLYWOOD!

A great walk with great views!