On the road again. It feels good! Freedom, and some beautiful sights ahead. We drove fromย Malaga to the final destination of Gibraltar. The best thing with us is, we don’t mind where we end up, as long as its Continue Reading
An important part of recovery. Physiotherapy. It will helpย to restore movement and function in Michiels body as soon as possible. We had the first session this week, and believe it or not was a very funny Continue Reading
Russian visa… it seems it is the hardest to obtain. You would think going to North Korea was harder, but nope, the Russians really want you to work to visit their country! Problem is, being a British citizen, Continue Reading
CORE STRENGTH – we know how important it is for triathletes, but what is a good abdominal workout? Here’s an example of one of Michiels routines! ?WARM UP: 50 crunches (in sets of your limit e.g. Continue Reading
Finally, another long flight later, we arrived in New Zealand! Checked into our AirBnB for the next few days, and fought the jet lag. Some nutritious food & relaxation was needed. The views we were greeted with Continue Reading