Since coming back from travelling, & having such huge things happen over the past year, I decided it was time to get a place for me to work from in Barcelona. I am now the proud owner of my very first fitness studio! It is so perfect, and Michiel has had some great sessions in there already!

Sometimes, it takes seeing the world, experiencing things and having some good business advice, to really understand what you want. This place is exactly how I want it, and I am excited for the future of Holly Barber Personal Training to really take off!

Celebrating the opening with my biggest fan! 

Whats a celebration without a cake!? This was made by Barcelona vegan caterer Moreno Finotto.

Long term, I want studios around the world, and this is an amazing start for me. Dreams come true! Funny, just 18 months ago, I was in an office job I didn’t like, trying to do training at the evening and weekends. After stopping my own excuses and truly following my dreams, saying yes to every opportunity, I am now here. I feel like I have only just scratched the surface of my own potential, and it excites the hell out of me!

I will of course still be supporting Michiel on his whole journey to Ironman, and recovery, and keeping up with our blog along the way. A new adventure has started!

Michiel enjoying his first session in the studio! We have been working on mobility and physic exercises to get his strength back slowly but surely!

No matter what, our own dreams are important. I am only just starting my studio journey, but some advice I would give to those of you who want to follow your dreams but maybe scared to, is we only have the one life. You have to be happy, do what makes you happy, and work hard. I have had the best opportunity in the past year to really focus on myself and find my own dreams, but I had to make that choice, and do this myself! Go get it!