Heading south from Pisco Elqui towards Valparaiso, we found the perfect spot for some running AND biking in Zapallar! Lots of other sporters, a perfect view, great terrain – time to park up, and get sweaty! The great thing about travelling in the pick-up truck, is we can just park and go when we see a great spot!



Transition training – what it says on the tin, transitioning between sports – in this case, running followed by cycling! An integral part of a triathlon training, getting Michiel’s body used to training in different ways, continuously, with minimal break. We will build this up slowly, at a gradual rate during base training (first stage of training). We are also using time training rather than distance currently, on this occasion, an hour of each running, and cycling. Building that endurance up safely!


He’s still smiling – PHEW! Michiel did great – understandably tired afterwards, but totally to be expected – FIRST TRANSITION TRAINING NAILED! YAY! Quick protein intake before hitting the road again – Valparaiso here we come!

Remember – to follow Michiel’s stats & routes in real time, check out his Garmin & Strava!