For years I have wanted to go to North Korea. I always found an excuse not to go.
Now – this wish will finally come true!

The world looks more and more the same in most places, due to globalisation. People behave the same everywhere, since the rise of the internet. There are only a few places on earth that are still totally different. One of them is North Korea. A society that has developed so different from our own, I really want to experience that.

The moment I heard about the marathon in the capital Pyongyang I knew I wanted to go there. And now I will! Whilst on my rest day in Chile, I subscribed to it, plus a five day tour! It’s happening!

As a vegan it will be an extra challenge, they do not know that concept (people even eat dogs in North Korea). But it will be worth it for a dream coming true! I will work around that problem and take my own food along!

It will take place April 9, 2017, leaving April 6 from Beijing and returning the 11th.

I would love to hear from other athletes whoย have done this marathon before, if you orย anyone you know have, contact me!