A penny for your thoughts


It is a big challenge, Ironman. People are crazy to do that from nothing, right? Most people get sponsored to do this crazy challenge…

We got to thinking before this trip, we need to involve some sort of charity, or fundraising, but which one? We thought of the usual charities, then a brainwave. I have done some crazy things for a really small charity that is very close to me – Thrombosis UK. A blood clot charity, who raise vital money to fund research into blood clots.


Why them? Four years ago (2012), I found myself in a situation in hospital, with 13 blood clots scattered across both my lungs (Pulmonary Embolisms). No idea why or how they got there & lots of tests/time in hospital. A year later, another massive clot that unfortunately passed through my heart this time, close to killing me off for good, causing major complications and problems along its path, collapsing my lungs and shocking my whole system. I have to take daily medication for the rest of my life, and live with the effects of scarred lungs, reduced capacity and the damage to my cardiovascular system.

Do NOT feel sorry for me – I stopped feeling sorry for myself a long time ago. I went back to studying – studied nutrition, become a trainer, channelled everything into living my life to the fullest. It is the reason I do what I do right now. Quitting my corporate job, moving country, and then finding myself in this situation of travelling as a private trainer! Exercise and nutrition have reduced my side effects, medication and quality of life MASSIVELY! I push past limits, & accept no excuses or self pity!

When chatting about the charity to choose – we both agreed it had to be the blood clot charity – for the reasons above! I am so happy Michiel is going to be triathling (made up word) for them! They need all the help they can get – I don’t know why this happened to me, and nobody knows enough about blood clots! So give a little, (or a lot) and know this is all for a fabulous cause!