Exactly one year after the Mont Ventoux adventure I will be completing my first Ironman!

While training for the first time, when I started cycling, I did not know what sport to do, I had no experience at all! I asked people and realised something new: most people are passionate about a sport they practise. So I asked everyone about his or her favorite sport and if possible went with. I went horse riding, mountain biking, running, played padel (famous in Catalonia), beach volleyball and so on.

The running and cycling caught on. I was already convinced I wanted to do more. And that is when I discovered Ironman. Starting at 7am, with a 3,8 km swim, then cycle 180 km and finish with a marathon, 42 km. As fast as possible, finishing before midnight. And on a roadtrip with a friend, having a beer, I decided to go for it! (Am I crazy? Not sure yet…)

And now it is my reality! I am not a confident swimmer (yet), my longest bike ride is 85km, and my longest run is 13km, but hey, it’s a start! We all start somewhere.

The Ironman race I have chosen, will take place October 1st near Barcelona. Perfect to train in the same environment as the race and live in my own apartment. But first, to find some epic places to train in, the world is full of them, so why not!?

If you have any epic places to train in that you can recommend – let me know!