News Recovery

Happy New Goals!

2017 has been such an important year for both Michiel and I. From our first trip to Chile a year ago, to travelling the world since, exploring the most epic locations, taking on the biggest challenges and having so Continue Reading

Michiel’s Accident

20th August. A beautiful sunny day in Barcelona. Michiel was offย on a bike ride, the last big one before tapering began for Ironman – just 5 weeks away from our target! We use a tracking app so I can see Continue Reading
Barcelona Recovery

The Accident

I arrived backย in Barcelona the night before from Holland. It was now time for a long ride. 155 km in total. Sunday, so not much traffic. It was a great ride. But, it ended in hospital. A collapsed lung. A broken Continue Reading
Russia Travel

What if?

It’s the evening before the flight to Russia, 5 nights until the triathlon. What if nobody speaks English at the Russian triathlon? What if the airline does not accept my bike? What if we can’t get Continue Reading

Time to Train

Working out can sometimes take a back seat.ย Too tired, children, work, weatherย – the excuses are endless, and be honest, we have all made them from time to time. Truth is, I used find myself with the same old Continue Reading
Since I was young I have struggled with my weight. Looking back at photos I am both shocked and surprised how I looked at some stages. I know I felt overweight at the time, and always wanted to do something about Continue Reading
It was finally time to visit North Korea, I had been looking forward to this trip for so long. Some people wonder why. Most people only know this country from the news, and it is often very negative. So, Iโ€™ll Continue Reading

Travelling in Style

One of the many new things I have experienced since becoming a private trainer to Michiel, is his love to travel business class. Having always been squashed in the back on long flights, I have now been totally Continue Reading