Travelling the world. Training in epic places. Eating vegan.

Is it possible to successfully do Ironman – the triathlon – swim 3,8 km, cycle 180 km and finish with a marathon of 42 km, without breaks and as fast as possible…when you have never trained before in your life, not even a day? Is it possible to be a vegan athlete? Eating only plant based food, no animals?

That is the challenge. I think it is possible. And I will go for it.

To do this I contacted one of the best personal trainers and nutritionist there is, Holly Barber. She agreed to be my private trainer. To help me train and eat healthy all over the world.

This blog is about our journey of training, travel and food. Of seeing the planet from a vegan athlete’s perspective.

This is my story. And that of my private trainer. Lots of people say we will not succeed. I’d like to prove them wrong. Go Against the Grain!

The original plan was to complete Ironman Barcelona in September 2017, but after I suffered a life threatening bike accident 5 weeks before race day, we have adapted our mission.

I am glad you follow & happy to share this with you, please contact me for any questions, remarks and such!


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