A rich, hearty and easy pie, topped with fluffy, creamy sweet potato and crisp zesty breadcrumbs. I couldn’t think of anything better! As autumn and winter comes, this is a real warming comfort dish, Continue Reading

Recipe: Brownies

Michiel’s favourite food. Chocolate brownies. He is of course only allowed to indulge when they are sugar free, which is actually hard to find. Most are sweetened with unnatural sweeteners, and even the Continue Reading
Another one of my made up recipes – super delicious and went down really well! Easy to make and packed FULL of protein!ย  There are so manyย studies that have shown that eating high fibre foods like lentils can Continue Reading
Half Ironman distance – check! But now, Michiel needed to recover. What to do? Straight back to training for Ironman? Rest for weeks? Falling asleep after the finish line.. Thing is, after a big event like Continue Reading
Tarka Dahl is really one of the dishes I always choose when eating out in Indians. Usually because it is so protein rich, but also because it tastes SO good! I have made dahl a few times before, but never got a Continue Reading
Indian. A firm favourite. It was time to recreate some of the dishes we all often have in restaurants, with healthier versions. These recipes are using a great host of nutrition, including carbohydrates, packed full Continue Reading
Risotto is one of my favourite dishes! It’s light, tasty, filling and goes with pretty much any vegetable. What’s not to love! Plus it is actually good for you. Arborio rice (risotto rice), is a great Continue Reading
Everyone loves jam. But I always tell people to have it sparingly because it usually contains a huge amount of sugar! On the search for a recipe that works and tastes like real jam without the hefty sugar high that Continue Reading