Unfortunately, many plant foods are deficient in certain essential amino acids, such as lysine. However, quinoa is an exception to this, because it contains all the essential amino acids. For this reason, it is an excellent source of protein. It has both more and better protein than most grains! It’s the real wonder food, especially for us vegans!

I LOVE creamy dishes, especially ‘baked’ style. This recipe has everything I craved, plus with the added bonus it is super healthy, hearty and rich in protein and vitamins. Yay!


  • 4 cups cooked quinoa, or two cups uncooked (cook this first if you need to with vegetable stock)
  • Olive oil, sunflower or coconut oil
  • 4 teaspoons egg replacer (plus liquid) – I used VEGG
  • 2 onions (one red, if desired)
  • 5 cloves garlic
  • 3 teaspoons nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 4 cups of baby-spinach leaves
  • 3 cups vegan sour cream or coconut cream
  • 2 teaspoons organic lemon zest
  • ¼ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 grated carrot
  • 3 teaspoons turmeric


Preheat oven to 350F/175C. Oil a 20 x 20cm baking dish or line with baking paper.

Whisk egg replacer and water and leave to sit. Sauté chopped onions and garlic in a little oil for several minutes, until clear.

Add nutmeg and cayenne, then spinach, and sauté for a few minutes.

Combine with the egg mixture. Mix well, then add quinoa, carrot, lemon zest, pepper, turmeric and cream.

When well mixed, pour into the baking dish.

Bake for one hour or until the edges are brown.

After cooking, leave to set for ten minutes. Serves six as a main dish. Serve with greens or salad & avocado!

Can be served hot or cold & a perfect side dish too!