We organised a trip to Chobe National Park – a game reserve that is 11,700ย kmยฒ, and packed full of incredible sights. As the animals were more used to game drivers and people, they came very close to us, and Continue Reading
Each drive here in Botswana felt like a whole new experience. We love to sleep, but every day felt so exciting to get up, grab a coffee and jump on the truck for a new wild adventure at 6am!ย Pandamatenga, the area Continue Reading
Promised to be the most eco lodge in Botswana, we were excited to be ending out trip here. The Wildtrack Eco Lodge. Ran by managers Brandon and Andrew, and a whole host of staff at the lodge who all came to welcome Continue Reading
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The Delta Camp

Definitely the most surreal place we have ever stayed. A thatched and wooden house, in a tree. Supported by a termite nest. It sounds very unglamorous, but this was in fact an amazing resort. Luxury mixed with Continue Reading
The Okavango Delta. We had been told about this place by most people we had met so far in Botswana. How it differs from the dry Deception Valley & Kalahari.ย In June 2014, the Okavango Delta became the 1000th Continue Reading
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The San People

We were invited by Knowledge to see the traditional โ€˜bushmenโ€™ and how they survived, and still survive here in some areas, in the Kalahari. We ventured out in our vehicle to a remote part of the bush, and two of his Continue Reading