Promised to be the most eco lodge in Botswana, we were excited to be ending out trip here. The Wildtrack Eco Lodge. Ran by managers Brandon and Andrew, and a whole host of staff at the lodge who all came to welcome us. The grounds were more than pristine, and there were mini houses dotted around, all equipped with their own outside bathroom, and solar panels.

The food here was delicious, and we have really become accustomed to having beautifully presented meals made for us, day after day. How will we cope back home? The chef came out at most mealtimes to explain how she had made the recipe, and what it was made from, which was amazing, mainly so I knew we were getting nutritious food, as well as tasty food!

On the grounds, there was a gorgeous watering hole, where animals would come and go during the day and night, and then a natural water pool for humans too. A great experience to feel like we were swimming in the wild!

Warthogs, mowing the lawns on their knees

The lodge had its own game drivers, Rich and Jonathan, who took us out on game drives every morning and evening.

A truly freeing experience to be in this place. I loved staying here, and being surrounded by even more beauty – you can’t believe your eyes are seeing such beauty!

A great stay to end the trip in style and comfort. Awesome experience.