Chile Reviews

Desert life


The days seem to go really quick here, and it was soon time to find somewhere to stay for the night before it gets dark – we really didn’t want to be driving in the pitch black, missing the view and not finding anywhere to sleep! We found a cool place online, Club Kitel, in Caldera (Atacama) – a really small town in the desert, on the sea.


When we arrived, we were chased by barking dogs, which luckily turned out to be friendly! The men in the resort (a few small huts, bar area and a lot of space), had no idea about our booking, and after a lot of phone calls and running about cleaning, we were given our two little eco huts in the desert! SO COOL!


The huts were simple and really cosy, with nice home made furnishings, and a real rustic, desert feel to them! Electricity and shower facilities too – which was an unexpected surprise from the look of the place.



It got very dark, very quickly, and as the sun went down, there was an eerie feel, the only sound was the waves crashing. But it’s okay – I had a guard dog outside my hut all night…