Mega early morning planned, we needed to make good time to get to Atacama! Michiel never likes early mornings, but we agreed an early run followed by a day on the road. I was really proud of him for getting up and going against his usual routine – before a coffee even!

Sand running is so beneficial, due to the uneven surfaces, soft and hard sand, it really works the legs in a way smooth terrain cannot. Tips given and off he went – it was now my job to keep the dogs from following him down the beach!


Running was more of a success than yesterdays cycling – and Michiel loved running on the sand – 10km smashed on his first beach run – super impressive! Looking forward to incorporating more of these runs in some other great beaches!

For somewhere that sells itself as an ‘eco’ place – the breakfast at Club Kitel wasn’t great, or healthy – meat, cheese, sugar – in that order. So we had the fruit that was offered and coffee, and had some of our own food – yes, with one of those delicious avocados!