Chile Reviews

Hara Kara


From the eco huts on the shore, we then drove more north, heading further towards San Pedro de Atacama, along the beautiful coast – making sure we were stopping for regular stretch breaks (and to take in the beauty of our surroundings!)



It was soon time to start looking for the next place to stay the night. Hara Kara in Calama – a resort very popular with miners – they are everywhere around this area, with whole towns dedicated to them. The resort was made up of cute little huts (I see a theme here), and perfect for what we needed!





The only down side to most of the places we have stayed, is they never cater for vegans, only fruit. We always pack food too for these occasions. So after a good nights sleep (once the local miners karaoke bar had shut…) we ate our fruit and packed up for the road again! Next stop – San Pedro de Atacama! The real desert!