Sunday in Rome, almost everything is closed. I was just in time for a visit to 100% Bio, a self service restaurant, that is 100% vegan.

The concept is simple. Get a plate, help yourself and put it on a scale after. You get a ticket with the price and can sit down to enjoy. And pay as you leave.

So I did. I took a little of everything. Italians like to put pieces of bread in a paper bag so I grabbed one of those too. Weight it, sat down, and a friendly waiter immediately came and helped me with cutlery and a drink (โ€œvegan cappuccinoโ€).

The food was varied. Some was amazing, special and delicious, and some was mediocre. Some was fresh and smooth, some felt like it had been there a bit too long, like the bread.

The place was filled with local people, of all ages, a crowd you normally donโ€™t see in vegan places, I really loved that! They have a beautiful terrace with a view and the atmosphere is friendly.

The view from the terrace

Overall it is definitely a place to go to for a quick & healthy meal!