As a young boy I was such a fan of the adventures of 3 guys travelling the world having amazing adventures, the Dutch Bob Evers books series, written in the fifties. One of the books was set in Honolulu, it seemed Continue Reading
Hawaii Travel USA


I had to do it. I signed up a month after the accident that left me in intensive care for weeks, again for the full Ironman, October 2018 in Barcelona,. I needed a goal to motivate me to recover. And prove to myself Continue Reading
Three months after the accident the doctor has said I am good to go. Do everything again, but listen to my body, calm, with baby steps. A day later, I found myself in the pool doing my first freestyle strokes! Boy, Continue Reading

The Last Ride

The police still had my bike. First 10 days were free, after that I had to pay a fee. Time to pick it up. Holly went to find out where it was (not easy in Spain) and found it. The woman in the storage was surprised. Continue Reading
Recovery Reviews

The Barbershop

The intensive care nurses called me “the athlete”. The doctors were so surprised at how quickly I was recovering. If I would have been in this accident before my intensive training & healthy eating Continue Reading
Barcelona Recovery

The Accident

I arrived backย in Barcelona the night before from Holland. It was now time for a long ride. 155 km in total. Sunday, so not much traffic. It was a great ride. But, it ended in hospital. A collapsed lung. A broken Continue Reading