Recovery Reviews

The Barbershop


The intensive care nurses called me “the athlete”. The doctors were so surprised at how quickly I was recovering. If I would have been in this accident before my intensive training & healthy eating started a year ago, it would have been a totally different outcome.

After 3 weeks I was allowed to leave the hospital. And I did not feel like an athlete at all. Far from it! Broken shoulder/collarbone means you can not lift your arm very high & I don’t have a lot of power in my arms. Broken ribs and collapsed lung means breathing is a conscious effort. And so on.

Also, 3 weeks in hospital means I had a beard and my hair had grown for too long. Where I would normally shave it with a trimmer and shaver, this was impossible now, because of the stitches, and bumps everywhere on my head. And because I could not even do it even if I wanted it. When lifting a glass of water is already an effort, shaving is impossible.

Luckily a barber in Barcelona had read our blog and had had a bike accident too. He offered to help make me feel nicer again, in exchange for a coffee when I got better. It was always one of my dreams to be treated by a real barber and Mauricio was just that. He carefully cut around my wounds, shaved around the stitched, was so careful and kind. It was a treat!

Feeling better is also looking better, taking good care of yourself, and that is what Mauricio did. Freshly shaved and cut, I felt a new phase in my recovery had started. A clean shave and a sharp haircut is the first step! Thanks Mauricio!