Michiel’s Accident

20th August. A beautiful sunny day in Barcelona. Michiel was off on a bike ride, the last big one before tapering began for Ironman – just 5 weeks away from our target! We use a tracking app so I can see Continue Reading

The Last Ride

The police still had my bike. First 10 days were free, after that I had to pay a fee. Time to pick it up. Holly went to find out where it was (not easy in Spain) and found it. The woman in the storage was surprised. Continue Reading
Barcelona Recovery

The Accident

I arrived back in Barcelona the night before from Holland. It was now time for a long ride. 155 km in total. Sunday, so not much traffic. It was a great ride. But, it ended in hospital. A collapsed lung. A broken Continue Reading
Holland. Michiel’s homeland. Which makes him the perfect tour guide. Starting in Amsterdam, I of course wanted to explore and see it all. The streets so beautiful, filled with exactly what I would of expected Continue Reading
The alarm clock went off super early, I made a mistake the night before. So nervous! Tried to sleep a bit more, but I was already awake. The day of the triathlon! It all felt like it wasn’t real. Good that Continue Reading
Doing Ironman is almost easy compared to taking your own bike to a race in Russia. I agree, this is a bold statement, but you can judge for yourself… Booking the flight I booked via Delta: “Please Continue Reading
It was time. The ‘big training day’ is what we were now calling it. We were in the middle of Russia, nobody spoke good English, but thank goodness for Michiel’s new found friend, who made finding Continue Reading
When asked how to improve cycling skills, the first thing people say is “Bike fit”! I had no idea what that meant, so I asked around. It turned out that a member of the “Barcelona Road Cycle Group” Meetup is also a Continue Reading
Whilst we know Ironman consists of a 180km cycle, this doesn’t mean in training we only do long distances. On the contrary. In order to build confidence and endurance, shorter rides are just as beneficial for Continue Reading