Whilst we know Ironman consists of a 180km cycle, this doesn’t mean in training we only do long distances. On the contrary. In order to build confidence and endurance, shorter rides are just as beneficial for Michiel.

Remember, we are building his body ready for Ironman, so he needs to build there, not get there in a day. His self-esteem & self-realisation of his own limits and endurance need to gradually increase over time.

The short and the long rides build muscular and aerobic endurance and gives him the confidence that he can nail that longer distance on race day!

Route ready, gloves on!

These shorter rides are great for him to build technique. Michiel can really concentrate on his technique, how he lies, how his legs feel, making sure everything is working together in a more ‘relaxed’ ride! Even spin classes, and indoor sessions are great!

Michiel had his last ride in Mallorca that sat right in the middle of long and short. 50km, with a steep incline of up to 1100m to Cap de Formentor. Cap de Formentor forms the eastern end of Majorca’s Formentor peninsula. The Majorcans also call the cape the Meeting point of the winds, and it is super well known with all bikers here for being such a great ride.

Check out the views…

Always time for a selfie!