Michiel started working out just 1 year ago.

Before this, he had never really taken exercise very seriously. From long office hours, having work stresses, to then having time off and developing some unhealthy habits – his body needed a lifestyle change.

Becoming healthier, eating better and giving up the bad habits is great, but starting to work out, to this level, having never done it before can be tough on the body. A massive shock to the system can be especially straining on his heart.

To be safe and know what was happening inside, we researched the best doctors in New Zealand, and found Professor Rob Doughty, a leading specialist in athlete heart health. We made an appointment a while ago at the Auckland Heart Group, and the day came to get a full heart check!


Running on a treadmill attached to wires, being prodded and poked, and having everything to do with the heart monitored, it was time for the results.

Great news: everything wasย PERFECT! Professor Doughty had a long discussion with us, and explained that Michiel has a super healthy heart function. He was majorly impressed with the results. He even complimented us on his huge change in lifestyle, and told us to carry on exactly how we are doing. Phew! Blood work also done, so we will update when we receive those back too.

โ€จFor now – happy heart – happy training!