A once in a lifetime experience, to swim with dolphins. Something most people only do with dolphins in captivity.

I have dreamt about swimming with them since I was a little girl, I have watched every dolphin documentary there is, and it has always been on my ‘bucket list’ of things to experience.

My role on this trip is to assist Michiel in all aspects of his travels, training and nutritional needs. This also allows me to experience the travelling I have always longed to do, and live out my own dreams too, which is so incredible. Whatever ‘job’ each of us do – I truly believe we have to take in all the experiences that it allows us to, treasure the good times and enjoy the opportunities that come our way. 

I never want to add to the culture where it is normal to pay an amusement park to see unnatural, trained dolphins in a tank. So it was important that if I was to swim with them, it would be with wild dolphins, on their terms, not mine.

Akaroa is a beautiful bay town, and home to the rare Hector’s dolphins, with the total population of these dolphins being somewhere between 5,000 and 7,000. They are recognisable for being so small in length – 1.4m maximum, and also well known for being very curious creatures, often coming into shallower waters and next to boats.

We booked a boat trip, & once on board, it was time to head out to sea!

Although Michiel was on the boat, he decided not to go in the water – but was forced to take pictures with me and have be dolphin spotter! 

It wasn’t long before we spotted them, or actually, they came straight to us when we stopped the boat. Incredible. I climbed into the water, and felt the wild dolphins swoosh past my body, jump around and simply BE around me, in the same water!

I felt so lucky that they allowed me to share their space, and I couldn’t help but be emotional experiencing something I had dreamt of for so long. A truly incredible experience. As you can see from my face…

Dreams do come true!