The most unique place to stay, totally eco-friendly, and quirky. An upmarket hotel? Nope. Silos. Yes – those things that hold grain, you see them on every highway & farm – we stayed in one!

Far from what it sounds, there were no grains in sight, instead, this place uses the best architects and designers around, to transform what once was a useful grain holder, into luxurious, modern, surprisingly spacious apartments!


A great place to stay if you want something different. Kudos to the SiloStay team – they even thought of recycling, and made the whole experience different from the norm. From collecting the keys from the self service kiosk, to the free bike rentals and book swap fridge… this place is a refreshing change. It even has a cool toilet feature – with every flush, the clean water that fills the system when it is emptied passes through a sink on top of the toilet to wash your hands with first – genius!

Little River is blessed with no internationally recognised natural wonders, no Guggenheim, no fiords, no towering waterfalls, no natural hot pools. Some see this as something lacking.

SiloStay’s team view Little River’s isolation and peacefulness as a definitive bonus, placing us at the forefront of civilisations quest for inner peace and tranquility.

Your time at SiloStay gives you an unsullied opportunity to seek and discover personal introspection – to come to understand what renowned Guru Karisma Barack said to be “the vision of one’s inner self, declothed of societies convoluted outer sheath.”