When travelling to seek epic places to train for Ironman, it is easy to see patterns. When travelling people follow each other and all do the same things. Books and guides are all recommending the same things.

People do love biking, but leisurely to visit vineyards. Or to go by car to a spot and do some mountain biking. They tend to not bike 100km at high speed, like I want to do.

“Imagine leisurely cycling along quiet rural roads”, not as fast as possible…

Same with swimming. When in beautiful places the pools are designed for hanging around and floating around between meals and drinks. Not to swim 100 laps with great focus.

“The hotel has a pool”. What size? Is it heated? Calm hours to swim laps?

This makes travelling a challenge. I am not kidding when I say most of our time goes into researching and planning good locations (apart from training of course!)…

Planning as usual: Do they have a pool? A lake? Paved roads? Road cycle hire?

One of the reasons we keep this blog is for fellow sportive travellers to get insights and tips of good places to train and practise, good pools to swim laps and great bike rental shops for race bikes.

So we really hope it helps, and all tips are welcome!