Music was the most important part of my running, when I started. Hard house to help me survive the last kilometers, angry rock to push me to go on and pumping beats to blastย to help me forget about my body whining and wanting to stop.

This all changed recently.

Running in a beautiful place around a lake in a bird sanctuary, with a Nike running music playlist,ย when my battery died. I was annoyed, at first. Then it happened.

I heard the sounds of the birds. I could even heard the gently breeze through the trees, and the gushing of the waves. Beautiful!

Lots of birds – refugees apparently

I heard something else. The sound of my own breathing! Holly always says to listen to my body, and that is what I did. My running made more sense, and I did not miss the music at all.

Imagine the sounds of the birds and the waves here

So whilst I still enjoy great music, I do not need it anymore while running. Which is a good thing, as it is forbidden at Iron Man eventsโ€ฆ

Listening to the silence for a while