If you have some sort of reward for doing something, you automatically want to do more. Which is why, I love my tasty snacks during and after training. Luckily for me, I found protein bars that were also good for me, and have been searching for things like them in every country since. Little rewards at special moments, to keep me going.

A tasti moment, resting and reviewing at the same time    

I love bars full of natural ingredients, of course vegan, and I want to try them all.

Here is my review of Tasti Smooshed Wholefood Balls:

Used to bars, I was surprised in New Zealand that they love their balls. Whilst not efficient in packaging, it does have better serving sizes. And round tastes better, somehow. More surface maybe?

The balls come in bags, and boxes, also known as ‘snack packs’

Tasti balls come in three tastes: Brazen Berry, Orange Zinger and Mocha Macchiato. I have only tried the first two. And we have a winner! My favourite balls are Tasti, Brazen Berry. They have exactly the right structure to chew away during a good training session. They are sweet but not too sweet, and simply delicious. The dash of cocoa makes the enjoyment complete.

After a steep bike climb, 5 seconds before these balls were devoured

I also liked the Orange Zinger, but they are not my favorite, too many lumps for my taste, I prefer more smooth, and too orangy, i.e. bitter. I can’t wait to discover a place where they sell the Mocha Macciato flavour soon!

A ball is 34.5 grams, Protein per ball: 2.4 grams, Carbs 21.1 grams. Ingredients: Date Paste (61%), Roasted Cashews (17%), Cocoa Powder (10%), Dried Cherries (5%), Coconut (2.5%), Natural Flavour.

Rating for the Brazen Berry: 5/5 stars.