Eating solely plant based in new places is so exciting. Checking Happy Cow, researching new places, enjoying new flavours – it’s a whole world of new tastes and cuisines that is slowly becoming more normal everywhere we go. The one place we have enjoyed the most for vegan food, is here in Los Angeles. Wow. It’s a whole new level!

On every corner, there is a VEGAN sign. What they do differently here too, is that a lot of the places are classy – up market – cool. You can actually go for breakfast, lunch or dinner in a range of gorgeously decorated, elegant places.


From street name chain Veggie Grill, to more exclusive restaurants such as Gracias Madre and Crossroads, there is something here for every taste and occasion. 

I would love for the rest of the world to follow America with this, making plant based cool, stylish and just so normal. Tastes explosions! 

The best Nachos and Burgers at The Golden Mane in Santa Monica

Vromage – a full plant based CHEESE deli! It was the best cheese I have tasted since being vegan for sure! Delicious! Plus – the owner ships all around the world!