As half Ironman was last weekend, the days after is about recovery, and getting ready for a new phase of training. This means we can allow Michiel to enjoy some downtime. In his usual schedule, it is strict, and pretty gruelling at times. It also takes up a lot of mental space, to stay motivated, and stay interested in training every single day. So after a big event, it is so important to allow him to relax, both physically and mentally. We stay active, and walk a lot, but the pressure is off.

Staying active on our Hollywood Hike

Such a huge part of training is mentally challenging. After the half ironman, Michiel felt exhausted, and this is totally normal – his body was fine physically, but mentally, he needed sleep and rest, and lot of it.

A lot of the time so many factors make us try to work past the fatigue we face. Not allowing it. Recovery meant so much to Michiel, and this half ironman was the new goal after the accident. The build up, the travel, the pressure  – it was now over, and his body is now in recovery mode, to get ready to go again. When we sleep and rest our muscles, they repair, and our brains need to be able to do the same.

Taking time to enjoy the outdoors, offline, and in the fresh air.

What better place to relax than in one of Beverly Hills top hotels, the Viceroy.

Helping Michiel relax..