Chile Training



Boxing. SUCH a great workout – and a mega effective stress reliever! I love teaching it, and doing it myself also! You may wonder what boxing has to do with triathlon training, and why I incorporate it into Michiel’s training programme at all…?

Boxing requires strength, speed, agility, hand-eye coordination, endurance, nerve, and power – it also helps works all the little micro muscles in the core – which we know is vital for triathletes. It’s a great aerobic exercise – a heart rate increaser and a change from the ‘normal’ three types of endurance training.

I always ensure Michiel is boxing for prolonged periods, – making it an aerobic exercise that gets his heart rate up for an extended period, pushing him every session to do a little more – we want endurance!

Michiel loves boxing sessions, and has learnt some great techniques over the past few months. Kapow! Watch out Ironman!

Boxing is an incredible mechanism for improved body composition because it perfectly combines muscle-building strength training moves and intense bouts of cardio – try your local gym or personal trainer who is qualified to teach ‘boxfit’ and let us know how you like it!