Chile Nutrition

Pisco Elqui


The smallest town in history ever. Probably not ever. But it was small. Quirky, quaint, and very Chilean. The reason the town is called Pisco Elqui, is because of Pisco, the alcoholic drink that is distilled here. The town was originally called La Greda, then La Union, then Pisco Elqui, to reinforce Chile’s claim to have rights over the alcoholic drink, Pisco! They seem to be very proud of their Pisco.

The drive into the town was breathtaking – I seem to say that a lot – but every corner of this country their is a WOW moment that has to be captured and appreciated!




As our first day, we explored the five minutes it took to walk around the village, then went in search for somewhere vegan friendly to eat – being on the road, with no access to cook or restaurants in most places, got us wanting some real cooked food! They sure do love their meat and fish here… we saw some vegetarian options, but all smothered in cheese. Damn! We finally found a place (the only one open by now, being 8pm and late and all…), that accidentally had some options us vegans could enjoy, so we ordered the bean salad, mashed beans, more salad, quinoa and of course potatas! Mission accomplished – hot food found! Hoorah!