The best tapas in Barcelona. A big statement to make, but really, this place is wonderful. Sometimes, fully vegan places lack style, or class, but this place has it all. High tables, clean rustic decor – classy. It is a nice place to be.

The staff are attentive and want to make it an experience. Although it is very small, it has atmosphere, and ambiance. A true Spanish tapas – fully vegan. We have taken people who aren’t vegan here, and they have also found it great too.

The menu has a small number of items (pretty sure we have tried most of them now…) and they are all made fresh, and brought in the order you would like them.

The wine they offer here is vegan, organic and sugar free (so you don’t get the hangover feeling the next day!). Great for when we allow ourselves a glass.

The food is delicious, and flavours compliment each other perfectly well. A lot of thought and attention has gone into the making and delivery of the food here, and it shows. A true taste explosion in every dish.

Well worth a visit – and they have a room in the back for parties and big dinners. A little more expensive than some places in Barcelona, but so worth it – you definitely pay for what you get. Vegan, tapas, Spanish, stylish and tasty – it ticks all the boxes.