Needing a refuel after visiting the museum, we found Siete Semillas through Facebook recommendations.

Tasty healthy food served by friendly passionate people.

Their menu is fully organic, with great vegan options. Unfortunately not all vegan – which would be more healthy.

The decor is trendy and recycled, giving it a raw feel. This place has a really relaxed atmosphere – great place to enjoy a leisurely lunch. On entrance, we were warmly greeted by the waitress. She told us exactly what was vegan, and a little about the food too, recommending her favourite dishes.

The ensalada maiz – filled with beans, and a tofunaise sauce – so fresh and delicious. A great mix of texture. 

Creps – wow – so good! The fresh mango sauce on the salad was tasty and tangy. 

Pan con tomate. Bread with tomato paste – simple, yet somehow they made it taste so fresh and delicious! The bread was made from spelt, gluten free, and super soft. 

After the waitress convincing us (aka mentioning) to get the carrot cake – we had simply no choice. We are so glad we did! Refine sugar free, vegan, moist and so delicious. The cream centre is made with tofu. The best we have ever had. 

Smoothies. Of course. Banana, almond & cacao. Mango & apple. Just as advertised – fresh and creamy! Attention to detail – the wooden platter they were served on, and the recyclable cardboard straws.

A great place, delicious food, with a super nice atmosphere and value for money. It’s just a shame they are not full vegan/veggie!