Museums and galleries are fairly new to me. In all honesty, they used to scare me. I thought only the posh, or the highly knowledgable went to them. That it ‘wasn’t for me’, and also convinced myself they were boring. I was so wrong!

I decided to give them a chance a while ago, and have enjoyed so many museums and art galleries around the world since! It’s so weird that we hold onto these pre-conceived ideas sometimes, for no reason at all.ย Why are museums so great?

The Centre Pompidou Malaga is the first one that this Parisian art institution has opened outside France.ย 

The ‘Collection’ – is a journey through 20th and 21st century art through a presentation of the works on human representation, divided into five topics: the metamorphosis, the body in pieces, the political body, self-portraits and the man without a face.

We loved the museum. It was all so different, and it’s really cool toย discuss our own interpretations of the things we saw.

Top tip: don’t be scared to have an opinion on art. Your view is just as valid as someone else’s. This is the beauty of it! This place had some amazing pieces.

I even got an audio guide like the professional museum goer I now am.ย 

Michiel was lucky to get a seat in the auditorium

Frida Kahlo – her life and work inspire me a lot!

I would definitely recommend this museum – and all the museums in the world! Don’t be scared to go out of your own comfort zone, whether it be the preconceived opinions on sport, art, or anything in between.ย Never stop learning and adapting.