After a tough swim session, it was refuel time! Mallorca is SO great for vegans!! We are finding more and more every day to try! Ziva to Go have 3 cafes across the island, and we visited the one inย Calle Protectora, central Palma.

A little confusing on entry, as you think it is a takeaway shop, but then it opens up into the most beautiful terrace at the back! Full of flowers and plants, and a great peaceful spot in the city. They definitely should advertise this terrace more!

Disappointing start to ordering, when they didn’t have much of the menu left. Just what is in the cabinet, which could have been made clearer.

We ordered, and grabbed ourselves 2 green smoothies, a vegetable sandwich, and falafel wrap.

The Mojito smoothie – so delicious! Full of goodness with a shot of protein – great for post swim! Everything here is biodegradable, even the plastic cups.

The Falafel wraps were delicious, raw and tasty! But the kale salad that came with them was just that. Kale. Which we decided in the majority of cases (like ours) it would just be left.ย 

The vegetable sandwich was super simple, but actually really good! Crunchy, flavoursome, and great moist bread.ย 


We also tried the lemon and banana cake, because, well, sugar free and vegan! YUM!

Great place for lunch, a little overpriced for the delivery, but tasty nonetheless!