Hokianga. The smallest place ever. But home to the most incredible lodge.

Nestled in the green hills, out of the way of everything, not a person or building in site, total tranquility. The Lodge had been in the family for 40 years. Our host Candy told us about the area, the lodge, her family history – she was so welcoming, and told us everything we needed to know to make our stay here perfect! The lodge was super clean and high standard, lots of space – enormous kitchen, living area, and plenty of windows.

We soon got used to the quietness, it brings with it so much peace and it’s easy to be happy here. It was to be our base for 2 nights, soon extended to 3. The balcony spans the whole way around the lodge, giving us 360′ views of our surroundings. We could hear Kiwis in the garden every night (although yet to spot one!), and after Candy told us about the glowworms nearby, we HAD to find them – so impressive! No picture of them, but here is me hunting for them…

The BEST part about our stay here, going down to the vegetable garden. Fresh fruits and vegetables, home grown and free for guests to the lodge. We were given bags full of nutritious delights, and shown around the gardens, with lots of information on what was what. Such a great experience and with such passionate people. We cooked up a storm with them all – a true vegans paradise!


How to make a nutritionist happy….give her freshly picked produce!ย 

The Vegan hunter gathererย 

Edible flowers – delicious!ย 

We even saw possums on the balcony – which we thought was someone running around the place at night!

Perfect for a tranquil & luxury stay. Could have stayed there forever!