Recommended by lots of blogs and travel guides, a great Vegan place in town, El Huerto. We decided to give it a go. Service wasn’t great,ย we waited a while for food & drinks to come, but the food made up for that! It was delicious! Located just outside of town in a lovely little street, with a few lively bars & other restaurants, it had a good vibe to it, and a really nice interior.


We ordered the Avocado & onion salsa, with nachos – which was really tasty! Along with my favourite – HUMMUS! I adore hummus – goes with everything and super nutritious – full of protein too! I track Michiel’s macronutrients and total food intake, to make sure he is getting enough with all the intense training – so protein is a MUST and before you think it, yes, we get totally enough vegan sources! I use the app My Fitness Pal toย track for Michiel.


Main courses – we had the black bean tacos – so tasty! I love black beans – again, full of protein and really rich in fibre.

We also enjoyed this curry platter – with Dahl and a delicious potato curry. Totally complimented by the spicy and sweet chutneys on the side! Mmmmm! Definitely recommend this place for a vegan option that doesn’t lack in taste and deliciousness! Macro counting approved!