Big statement to make. But I think we may have a contender! Opinoni & Omapere – our next spot, was where we were jumping on the saddle, and biking! We are in build training now, so normal bike rides are anything from 3-5 hours long for Michiel. Tough, but Ironman is coming! The route was from Opinoni to the Waipoua forest.

We chose the route based on locals information (everyone here is SUPER friendly!), renting bikes from a local garage, who helped us a lot, and off we went! Michiel took a route that had major steep hills, bends, turns – it was TOUGH work! Of course the incredible views made it a whole lot easier to handle…


45km and 3 hours worth of biking (majority hills) later, he made it! SUPER proud trainer & it was time for a gentle stroll to some big trees. Like you do.